synthetic bali umbrella

The Feel of being on Holidays, Everyday in your own Backyard

Attractive, Affordable & Made from Top Quality Materials
This Synthetic thatched Bali Umbrella is Totally Maintenance Free

Robust & Durable

Our Bali umbrellas roof panels come with clip and pin details for easy DIY installation. or setup.

Comes in an Easy to install D.I.Y kit

2.8m Diameter Wide Quality, HEAVY DUTY
Bali Synthetic Thatched Umbrella

Snapshot of Benefits:

  • Maintenance free and will not remold, rot, or shed.
  • 15 Years Limited Built to Last Warranty
  • Resists Termites, Birds and other Pests.
  • Will outlast any Traditional Balinese Thatching by double
  • 100% recyclable. Made of HDPE, high-density polyethylene.
  • Long durability & Guaranteed to perform for years.
  • Contains non-toxic compound, also non-toxic gas produced in case of fire.

Who Buys from us?

  • Bars & Clubs
  • Landscapers
  • Pool Builders & Pool owners
  • Resorts, Hotels & Holiday Parks
  • Home owners
  • Childcare Centres
  • Schools
  • Local Councils
  • Renovators
  • Developers & Builders
  • Property Investors & Others


• Base Plate: 400mm W x400mm L X 400mm H. O.D 120mm
• Pole: 114mm Overall Diameter(O.D) x 2700mm Height
• 4 Piece Steel Roof frame
• All Nuts, Bolts, Brackets & Fixings
• All Synthetic Thatching in Multiply Sizes to Fit structure & 1 x Top Cone.